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He was born in Yusufeli district of Artvin in 1971. After studying primary school in Gürsu Atatürk Primary School, he graduated from Nilüfer Vocational School.
He started his business life with Işık Furniture Decoration Company, which he founded in 1994.
Mustafa Işık, who was appointed as the Founding Member in Ak Parti Gürsu District Organization in 2002, served as the Head of Social Affairs at the District Organization between 2002-2014 and at the same time as the Election Coordination President between 2010-2013.
In the March 2014 elections, he was elected to Gürsu City Council Membership and Metropolitan Municipality Council Membership.
Işık, who is the Chairman of the Gürsu Imam Hatip Making and Living Association, is also a manager in many foundations and non-governmental organizations.
In order to protect the trust left by the Mayor of Gürsu, Cüneyt Yıldız, who was martyred on May 26, 2015 as a result of his abominant attack in his office, Işık was elected to the Gürsu Municipality.
Işık, who was the candidate for the Mayor of the President of the Alliance in the March 31, 2019 Local Elections, was re-elected as the Mayor with the favor of the public, after receiving a record 63% vote. Işık, who is in the 2nd term at the Municipality of Gürsu, is married and has 3 children.