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Göbeklitepe's reflections of light from Gürsu “From the Zero Point of History to the Future: Göbeklitepe” Project and the secrets of Göbeklitepe were told at the meeting.


The secrets of Göbeklitepe, which changed the course of history, were held at the meeting held at Ördekli Culture Center. Necmi Karul, Professor Dr. Mustafa Sahin and Dr. Hüseyin Salikoğlu.


Within the scope of Sıfır 2019 Göbeklitepe Year ekl, “From the Zero Point of History to the Future: Göbeklitepe Project hazırlanan prepared by the partnership of Gürsu Municipality and Bursa Informatics and Governance Association, was granted the grant support by the General Directorate of Civil Society Relations of the Ministry of Interior and reflected the light of history from Gürsu.


                Işık We are trying to contribute to carrying the traces of the past to the future with our projects that protect our history, Gür said Mustafa Işık, Mayor of Gürsu. I would like to thank everyone, especially Mr. Adem Yıldırım, President of Bursa Informatics and Governance Association, who contributed to the project. ”


Stating that they prepared the project with great enthusiasm, President of Bursa Informatics and Governance Association Adem Yıldırım said, ık We prepared our project with the contributions of competent people in the field and we implemented them with pleasure despite all difficulties. I would like to thank our Mayor Mustafa Işık for their support in the realization of our project. ”

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