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          Gürsu Municipality has gained momentum in the vision of smart cities by participating in the “Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress amacıyla in order to ensure the development of Gürsu with its smart city feature.

          Intelligent cities that use limited resources effectively with new technologies and innovative approaches, produce solutions for future problems and needs, respect the environment and natural resources, add value to human life and improve the quality of life were put under the spotlight at the “Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress..

          Presidential patronage, Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry of Industry and Technology Ministry and Turkey as the Union of Municipalities organized in cooperation and ATO International Convention and Exhibition Center, the "Smart Cities and Municipalities Convention and Exhibition" of participating in Gürsu Municipality delegation; She participated in “Smart City Technologies” and “Smart City Governance and Inclusiveness” sessions.

          Mustafa Işık, Mayor of Gürsu Municipality, said: kullanmak It is an essential reality to use smart technologies that enable municipal services to be performed more efficiently at less cost. We are working to realize our municipal services more effectively by using smart digital technologies and to provide better service to our citizens. We have enabled our officials to participate in the program for the development of smart city applications that provide solutions in many areas including environmental, transportation, governance, security, health and geographical information systems. Unit managers, who have mastered the implementation of our services, have joined the Vice President Adem Yıldırım in the program they have participated in and have gained a vision on what needs to be done in order to improve our services in order to provide better service for Gürsum. Our goal is to improve the management of our city and to facilitate the lives of our fellow countrymen. ”

          The “Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Exhibition en organized in order to follow the technological developments in the local government in the world, to support the structuring and service of the municipalities in accordance with these developments and to share the experience, brought together managers and experts.

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