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Turkey's earthquake was described in fact held in Gursu conference.

           In the conference titled “Earthquake Fact” organized by Gürsu Municipality, the precautions to be taken against possible earthquakes were explained and the importance of being prepared was emphasized. 


                Speaking at the Chamber of Geological Engineers Conference South Marmara Branch President Engin, said Turkey's geological location because it is located on one of the world's most active seismic areas. Providing information on the earthquake map of the world, Er pointed out that Gürsu is one of the districts with the highest earthquake risk. Er emphasized that Gürsu has a high probability of being affected by a possible earthquake due to its proximity to the fault line, the characteristics of the ground, and liquefaction areas, and the importance of the measures to be taken against the earthquake risk.


            Stating that they are working with the awareness that Gürsu is an earthquake zone, Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık said, “We know the importance of our citizens to survive earthquake awareness without any loss of life. For this purpose, we are trying to keep our citizens' earthquake awareness fresh with the information meetings we hold from time to time. "


            The conference, which was held in the meeting hall of Gürsu Municipality, was held with the participation of councilors, municipal staff, civil defense team and the townspeople.

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