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The projects implemented by Gürsu Municipality were examined by the General Secretary of BEBKA, Muhammed Zeki Durak.                

        Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık stated that they are proud to examine the projects they have implemented by BEBKA's officials, which steers development, offers locally focused solutions to local problems, and aims to serve sustainable development with appropriate and effective use of resources. I would like to express my gratitude to BEBKA Secretary General, Mr. Muhammed Zeki Durak, for his support that encourages our project team by carefully examining the services we perform within our Collective Career Center, which is an exemplary center.

'Cooperation with Bebka Will Increase'

        Emphasizing that the team working within the Gürsu Municipality Collective Career Center has undersigned exemplary works with its employment-oriented work, projects for youth, women and children, Mayor Işık said, "Our team, working with an unyielding motivation, will go further with increasing cooperation with BEBKA." said.       

        After visiting Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık, the General Secretary of BEBKA, Muhammed Zeki Durak, made observations at the Collective Career Center, Steam Workshop and Women's Cooperative established by Gürsu Municipality. Emphasizing that they are working with the understanding of supporting all the projects that are strived to be implemented with excitement in line with the important goals, Durak stated that they appreciate the services of Gürsu Municipality with sincere efforts to ensure the development of the district.

'Full Support to Domestic and National Initiatives'

        Durak, who examined the Kollekif Career Center, where local and national entrepreneurs will be trained, thanked Mayor Işık for bringing this center to life, which will contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Bursa. Pointing to the existence of a young potential population in Gürsu District, Durak stated that as BEBKA, they will always support young people who contribute to local and national entrepreneurship in the whole of Bursa. Emphasizing that local governments play a key role in development, Durak said, “In this sense, we appreciate the sincere efforts of Gürsu Municipality for the development of the district. We are ready for more joining forces so that efforts can achieve even better results. "We will continue to stand by our other districts in the development journey as in Gürsu."

'Employment and Support for Scientific Studies'

         With the coordination of Gürsu Municipality Collective Career Center, cooperation with companies, job seekers and employers are brought together, contributing to employment, and cooperation is made with public institutions through cooperation protocols.

        The center also puts its signature under the works that are the first in terms of cooperating with companies in the field of robot production and scientific studies, with the Steam Workshop that has been created for the training of new generations to the professions of the future.

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