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Within the scope of the Collective Career Center activities, which was established to support young people and young entrepreneurs and to create products that will provide significant added value for our country, Gürsu Municipality supports young people in determining the roadmaps in their lives by organizing the "Young Minds, Ideas Camp for the Future".

Within the scope of the "Ideas Camp for Young Minds Shaping the Future" hosted by the Municipality of Gürsu, trainings for young people who are looking for a job, seeking guidance, want to meet the professions of the future, want to progress in jobs with guaranteed employment or become entrepreneurs with their own business ideas have started.

Within the scope of “Young Minds, Future-Shaping Ideas Camp”, the trainings will last for a total of 9 days. business model, marketing, competitors, access to funding sources, project preparation, etc. Training support will be provided on these subjects. In the 2-day camp to be held after the trainings, young people will be brought together with angel investors, and entrepreneurship ideas will come to life.

With the support of the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Civil Society Relations, under the leadership of Bursa Entrepreneur Youth Office, Gürsu Municipality, Bursa Information and Governance Association, Uludağ Organized Industrial Zone, Ermetal Technological Training Foundation (Ertev), Greenza Turkey Tarım Ürünleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., Teracity Software Technologies Ldt.Şti., Collective Career Center, Gürsu Eurodesk Contact Point, supports young people in drawing the roadmap of their lives.

In line with the goals highlighted in the Eleventh Development Plan, which sets out the development priorities and basic goals of our country, with these studies for young people by the Municipality of Gürsu, the leaders of the future; It is aimed to contribute to the development of our country by raising a youth that will bring our country to 2023 goals with designs that are aware of national values, produce, develop, and shape the future.

Mayor of Gürsu, Mustafa Işık said, “We aim to guide young minds to reach their goals and to make them realize their projects that will enlighten the future by believing in the light they have. We train our young people to develop a worldwide vision, to adapt to the developments of the age, to reach the development level that can compete with the youth of the whole world, and we offer road maps for them to realize what they think with their young and dynamic minds. We support young people in overcoming problems such as unemployment, social isolation, loss of national values, and economic problems. We are trying to raise awareness of our youth about the professions of the future. At the same time, we created a small incubation center in our Collective Career Center. In this context, we have included a software and game company in our Center. In addition, we launched Youtube Studio to give young people and technology companies the opportunity to make their own promotions. Through feedback we received at the stage we have reached our model we put forward this work, I believe, is running on a combination of public and private sector in Turkey, will be result-oriented and constructive example as a hub, "he said.

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