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Gürsu Municipality continues to support Gürsu youth in the way of broadening the horizons of young people and ensuring their development.
            Gürsu Municipality Eurodesk Contact Point carries out activities to ensure that young people reach the level of development worldwide.
By the National Agency of Turkey, with the participation of Turkey in general the Eurodesk Focal Points
Gürsu Municipality Eurodesk Contact Point, which participated in the 5-day training sessions, represented the youth of Gürsu.
 In the program on “Design-Oriented Planning Training in Youth Information”, young people;
They had the opportunity to evaluate their design-oriented theoretical knowledge through applied examples.
 Mayor of Gürsu, Mustafa Işık said, “It is our wish to contribute to the success that our youth will achieve with the vast horizons of ours” and said, “We support our young people to develop a vision and adapt to the developments of the age as the guarantee of our future. In this context, we help our young people to realize the thoughts they produce for our district and our country by guiding them. Thanks to our Eurodesk Contact Point, which we created in order to ensure the development of our youth, we enable our young people to develop a vision worldwide. We believe that every idea produced by our youth with their immaculate and unconditioned feelings and thoughts will be a light for the future of our district and our country. As long as they produce, we will always be with them, ”he said.
Within the scope of the program, which also includes trainings to increase the capacities and experiences of institutions, while evaluating the problems of young people, training was also given on the topics of generating ideas, establishing empathy, defining needs, creating models, testing and providing services.
In the program, in which Gürsu Deputy Mayor Adem Yıldırım and Gürsu Municipality Eurodesk Contact Point Contact Person also participated, information about youth and Eurodesk activities carried out by Gürsu Municipality was also provided. 
Young people had the opportunity to get to know Bursa with the historical Bursa trip organized within the scope of the program.

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