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  • Gürsu’s “Kırlangıç Sofrası” Brings Tastes to Its Guests in its Magnificent View

Gürsu’s “Kırlangıç Sofrası” Brings Tastes to Its Guests in its Magnificent View

Gürsu’s “Kırlangıç Sofrası” Brings Tastes to Its Guests in its Magnificent View

Thursday, September 15, 2022

“Gürsu Adrenaline Park”, one of the favorite tourism spots of Bursa, welcomes nature and adrenaline lovers with its renewed face and magnificent nature.

Adrenalin Park, which was created by Gürsu Municipality in Ericek and became more comfortable with the arrangement works; With its new face, colorful bungalows and hobbit houses, nature and its nature creating magnificent landscapes in summer and winter, it welcomes nature and adrenaline enthusiasts and guests from home and abroad.

The stone restaurant, which started to serve under the name of "Kırlangıç Sofrası" within the body of Adrenaline Park, welcomes its guests in the presence of nature with its visuality and special tastes overlooking the magnificent panoramic view of Ericek Lake.

Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık, who said, “Our Adrenaline Park is the favorite of those who want to experience peaceful moments in touch with nature,” said, “We are producing projects with the aim of making our Adrenaline Park a tourism center not only within the borders of Bursa and Gürsu, but also on a national and international scale. Our Adrenaline Park, which reveals the natural wealth of Gürsumuz, has taken its place among the favorite centers of nature and adrenaline enthusiasts with the opportunities it offers. In the field of nature sports, we are making our Adrenaline Park, which is one of the important alternative centers of Bursa and one of the symbols of Gürsumuz, comfortable in every sense. Our Kırlangıç Sofrası, which we have just put into service, welcomes its guests with special tastes with its architectural structure and magnificent view that integrates with nature. Our facility, with its natural beauty that offers magnificent views in summer and winter, offers the opportunity to do sports in many branches and to spend pleasant times with nature. We are waiting for all nature and adrenaline enthusiasts to enjoy nature with its magnificent view, different in summer, in winter, in day and night.”

Adrenalin Park Facility, where the services offered by the Gürsu Municipality have been expanded and renewed with the work done; While offering accommodation in bungalow houses, hobby houses, container houses, tents and stone houses under construction; restaurant and cafe service with panoramic views; It also offers the opportunity to organize events in nomadic and bristle tents.

Adrenalin Park Facility, which was created with the aim of developing eco-tourism, which also includes entertainment, and which offers the opportunity to do many nature sports together; There are mountaineering, climbing track, camping area, pond sports area where zipline, canoe and pedalo can be used, and viewing areas.

Paragliding, climbing and offroad races, nature walks, camping, mountaineering etc. Adrenaline Park, where activities are also carried out, is waiting to welcome nature and adrenaline enthusiasts.

Festivals, sports competitions, picnics, concerts, meetings, festivities, etc. Adrenaline Park, where many organizations are held, creates an alternative for all nature lovers with its nature that will witness the most special moments.

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