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Gürsu Observation Terrace is in Service Soon with Panoramic Bursa View

Gürsu Observation Terrace is in Service Soon with Panoramic Bursa View
Friday, September 16, 2022
Gürsu Observation Terrace, one of the vision projects of Gürsu Municipality, will soon welcome its guests who want to watch Bursa from a bird's eye view.
The construction of the "Gürsu Observation Terrace", created by the Gürsu Municipality on the Katırlı Mountain road, on the hill overlooking the panoramic view of Bursa, is progressing rapidly.
The "Gürsu Viewing Terrace", which will offer the opportunity to watch the beauty of Gürsu and Bursa panoramically, will serve as an integrated facility on the hill where the nature of the district embraces, including the "Animal Care and Treatment Center". The facility, where nature will be felt with all its richness with the chirping of birds and the warmth of its dear friends, will be the meeting point of those who want to integrate with nature and experience the peace and magnificence of nature.
Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık, who said, “Our Gürsu Observation Terrace, which will offer the opportunity to view the whole city from the east of our Bursa, panoramically, will host its guests, who will sip their tea in the nature, accompanied by the chirping of the birds, with its magnificent view,” and said, “Gursu, one of our projects that will add a vision to the development of our Gürsu. I am excited and happy to have implemented our Observation Terrace. Our facility, which offers the opportunity to watch the beauty of our district and Bursa from a bird's eye view, will host its guests in an atmosphere that is completely integrated with nature, integrated with the Animal Care and Treatment Center we have established right next to it. Hopefully, we are waiting for all nature and animal lovers to our facility, which we will open soon.”
The Opportunity to Feel the Nature with the Sounds of Birds and the Warmth of Friends
Within the facility that will serve as “Gürsu Viewing Terrace” and “Animal Care and Treatment Center”; Various bird species and stray animals will be sheltered and treated.
Saying, “This Facility we will create for street animals trying to survive by fighting hunger and thirst in city life, will meet an important need”, President Işık said, “We are obliged to provide conditions for street animals that have moved away from their natural living conditions to continue their lives. Hopefully, with this facility, we will have brought stray animals to a shelter where all kinds of life opportunities will be offered.”
With the protocol signed between Gürsu Municipality and Regional Directorate of Forestry, the "Animal Care and Treatment Center", which will be located within the body of the facility, which is under construction in the area allocated to Gürsu Municipality, will provide shelter for stray animals in need of care. At the facility, where health checks of animals will also be made, the "Gürsu View Terrace", where animal lovers can spend time during their visit, will offer the opportunity to experience nature in all its richness with its magnificent city view.

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