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Adrenalinefest 2022 Enthusiasm Experienced in Gürsu

Adrenalinefest 2022 Enthusiasm Experienced in Gürsu
Friday, September 16, 2022
Gürsu hosted the enthusiasm of AdrenalineFest 2022.
Organized by Gürsu Municipality as a youth festival, the Adrenaline Festival 2022 was held enthusiastically with the intense participation of young people and the magnificent concert of the Night Travelers.
“Adrenaline Festival 2022” held at Ericek Adrenaline Park by Gürsu Municipality Cultural Affairs Directorate; concerts, open-air movie screenings, DJ performances, nature walks, bicycle tours, ziplines, canoes, archery, water bikes, survivor park playground, kites and sunset watching.
Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık, who said, “We organized our Adrenaline Festival, the first of which we organized this year, with the aim of performing it traditionally every year, full of enthusiasm with the energies of our youth,” said Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık: We held our Adrenaline Festival in our Adrenaline Park in Ericek. Our biggest motivation is that our Adrenaline Festival, which we plan to organize by enriching it every year with the demands and suggestions of our youth, is the scene of intense interest and enthusiasm of our youth. I hope that this process, which we started with AdrenalineFest 2022, will become a tradition with our young people adopting it as our festival. I would like to thank the entire team of the Night Passengers, who made the final of our festival unforgettable with their magnificent concerts, everyone who contributed to the realization of our festival, and all our guests who crowned our festival with their participation.”
With the activities held within the scope of AdrenalineFest 2022, which lasted for two days, the participants, who were full of music and nature sports, had moments full of enthusiasm with the concerts of Cemal Çayırcı and Night Passengers, held in company with the magnificent view of Adrenaline Park.
Within the scope of the festival, which also included career stands for young people, the young people got their fill of music and adrenaline.

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