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The Role of Gürsu in Bursa’s Tourism Explained

The Role of Gürsu in Bursa’s Tourism Explained
Gürsu's place in history and nature tourism was introduced at the 4th Bursa Tourism Summit.
At the 4th Bursa Tourism Summit, attended by the experts in the field of tourism, Gürsu's historical past and natural wealth and its tourism potential were explained by Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık.
Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık, who talked about Gürsu's tourism at the 4th Bursa Tourism Summit held at Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center (AKKM), said, “Our Gürsu is Bursa with its historical past, natural riches and rapidly developing contemporary city identity. It has the potential to strengthen the strength of our country in the field of tourism. We, as the Municipality, are working to implement projects that will reveal the tourism richness of our district. Our Adrenaline Park, which we created around Ericek Pond, is one of our touristic values ​​that stand out in nature, history and culture tourism and is the symbol of our district. In the center of our district, our streets bearing the traces of history, especially Taşköprü Street, stand out as our touristic assets that strengthen our tourism potential. Our newly created Observation Terrace and Nature Park, which offers the opportunity to watch our Bursa and Gürsu panoramically, also reveals the beauty of our district and Bursa. We keep the Historical Priest's House, one of the symbols of our Gürsu, as a Boutique Hotel, and our Historical Değirmen as a nation's cafe. As Gürsu, we are ready to reveal the added values ​​that will further develop the tourism of our Bursa with all our tourism potential.”
At the 4th Bursa Tourism Summit, which was organized to contribute to the development of tourism in Bursa and the country, and to improve information sharing and cooperation in the sector with the opinions of tourism veterans and professionals, synergy was created for the vision that will develop Bursa's tourism.

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